Ccc progress Report JUNE 2023

Fighting climate change, confronting the cost of living crisis and establishing Britain’s economic future all demand the same decisive actions.

Lord Deben

The latest report from the Climate Change Committee makes clear the failures of the UK Government. It criticises expansion of oil and gas in the North Sea, the opening of a new coal mine in Cumbria and delays on the expansion of renewables.

The report also clarifies that the UK Government is not a climate leader – while other nations take bold steps away from fossil fossil dependence, and despite growing public concern and awareness of the climate crisis here in the UK, this government continues to fail to meet it’s own targets. As Deben urges, “the government must ensure that decisions on UK fossil fuel production and infrastructure are consistent with net zero and the United Kingdom’s expectations of other nations”.

In relation to the built environment, the report emphasises the need to phase out gas boilers with no new homes on the gas grid from 2025. It recommends that privately rented homes be required to reach EPC C by 2028, no-regret electricity and hydrogen investments be identified and implemented, and that the public is empowered to make green choices.


This report is yet another clarion call likely to be ignored by those in power.

While the UK government wastes time siding with big polluters, real climate leadership is coming from normal people acting locally in their communities to bring about change.

Loco Home members are taking necessary steps whether it be improving the energy efficiency of their homes, installing heat-pumps, or supporting other members. In helping and learning from one another, our members are part of a social ecology of change – the insulation enthusiasts, DIY retrofitters and policy experts in a Glasgow-wide network of local foodies, litter-pickers, bus campaigners, slow fashionistas – and many others.

Loco Home exists to support our membership – homeowners, contracters and other professionals willing to take action on our carbon footprint. Normal people did not create the mess that we are in, but have power to move resolutely towards a fairer and safer planet for all.

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