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Do you support our aims? If you do, please consider joining us.

Loco Home Retrofit CIC is a co-operative. We’re inviting householders, tradespeople and professionals to join and contribute towards our development. You’ll become an owner of the business and have an equal say on its development.

Important information
  • Service users, our employees and supporters of all kinds are all eligible to join.
  • Members will have an equal vote at General Meetings.
  • The CIC is constituted as a company limited by guarantee (reg. SC702417). In the event the company is wound up, members will have a maximum liabiity of £1.
  • We are regulated by the Community Interest Company regulator.

Regular Member

£ 10 .00

per year

Read the articles of Association (the Constitution) and when you are ready fill in the application form by clicking on the Join button below.

When we receive your application we will send instructions for sending your membership fee to us. Once we receive the fee you will be a member of Loco Home Retrofit CIC.

Membership Pricing Policy

Membership fees are determined by the Board of Directors as described in Rule 69.

After consulting the members at the 2022 AGM, the Board of Directors has resolved to keep the joining fee at zero and the annual fee (subscription) at £10 per year. This decision will be reviewed again after the 2023 AGM, likely to be October.

Multiple members in a single home

You do not need to pay the membership fee if you are living with someone who is already a member. Send an email to [email protected] with your fee waiver request.

Home assessment includes membership

If you receive (pay for) a home assessment, you qualify for a year of free membership. Please contact us if you would like to take up this offer. note: offer excludes EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates)


If you feel you cannot pay the annual membership fee, please send an email to [email protected].

Pay it Foward

We welcome donations from those who are in a position to fund a bursary (free membership) for someone who has requested a waiver. Please use the Donate button below and feel free to also send us an email when you do.