What is whole house planning?

Retrofitting your home with improved insulation or green technology is challenging. Whole House Planning helps.

The conventional design and build marketplace often leaves it to installers to make recommendations – and they can get it wrong. Inappropriate measures can lead to a whole host of issues down the line, such as damp, mould and rot. Even the right measures at the wrong time can cause issues – for example new insulation needing to be removed to upgrade pipework.

It’s not only the right measures, but the right sequence of measures that matters. If homeowners want to avoid regrets, understanding how different measures affect each other is important.

For example new windows can take a home to a level of airtightness that condensation becomes a problem – so controlled ventilation should be introduced in parallel.

The Whole House approach is part of best practice as defined in the PAS2035 standard which was created in response to failures of the design and build industry to protect homeowners retrofitting their homes.

The standard identifies the client’s need for professional advice free of conflicts of interest. Ideally this advice should be independent of the installer supply chain

This is why Loco Home offers independent advice and planning services to homeowners in Glasgow. An independent, whole house approach to advice leads to better outcomes – saving money, time and headache.

Having an informed sequence of measures gives homeowners more control in the long-run. They can decide when to move to the next step, which is helpful in managing the cost and disruption of getting work done. This in turn enables homeowners to be more ambitious within their budget.

A holistic plan takes into consideration a broad range of factors and risks specific to the home and homeowner, from air tightness and ventilation, to budget and lifestyle.

So if you are a homeowner in Glasgow who wants to improve your home, getting a home assessment gives you a well-sequenced, well-informed pathway and will help you avoid regrets.

Loco Home is a small, member-owned retrofit co-op based in the south side of Glasgow. We set up to help homeowners, installers and other professionals work together to decarbonise homes in Glasgow. Our non-profit structure means we can focus on delivering affordable, best-practice retrofit services for the people of Glasgow.

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