The board of directors are responsible for translating the wishes of the members into operational objectives and outcomes. The current board of directors are listed below.

Nick Bailey

Professor Nick Bailey is Director of the Urban Big Data Centre at Glasgow University. His research focuses on neighbourhoods and inequalities. He advises on increasing Loco Home’s impact through research and innovation.

Carey Doyle

Dr Carey Doyle is a chartered town planner and social scientist with 20 years of experience of community-led land and buildings development. She works for Community Land Scotland. She advises the board on community wealth building.

Beth Mukuski

Beth Mukushi is Head of Support Services at Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. She advises the Executive on effective engagement with the broader third sector.

Kevin Sturgeon

Kevin is a commercial property solicitor, specialising in property factoring and community asset transfers. In his seven years experience he has acted for public bodies such as Historic Environment Scotland, Local Authorities and Housing Associations. Kevin is hoping to bring to the Loco Home Retrofit board a different perspective as he works to uphold the integrity of the board and to ensure smaller details are not lost when wider outcomes or goals are being sought.

Daniel Thomas

Dr Daniel Thomas is a lecturer in computer science and his research focus is on data security and cybercrime. He advises the board and executive on ethical and security considerations that are pertinent to Loco Home’s collection and storage of sensitive personally identifiable information about households and their homes.

Duncan Smith

Duncan is Head of Energy & Sustainability at River Clyde Homes, a ‘not for profit’ affordable housing provider. He is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing. He is a former Chief Operating Officer of the Association for Environment Conscious Building and External Affairs Director of the Passivhaus Trust. Duncan was Asset & Energy Manager at Renfrewshire Council.

Lizzy Westmacott

Lizzy is an architect and Passivhaus Designer. She is an Associate Director and Regional Head of Sustainability at ECD Architects, where her work focuses on affordable housing and retrofit. She was shortlisted for the AJ100 Sustainability Champion of the Year 2023 award. In her spare time Lizzy enjoys swimming, singing, cycling and hill walking.