Loco Home’s response to extreme climate events

As the climate crisis unfolds and it’s impacts worsen, many of us are unsure how to respond – what difference can we make as individuals? Without clear leadership from those in power, it is easy to become paralysed in the face of conflicting information.

Loco Home’s position is that we can respond with informed, well-planned + effective choices away from fossil fuel dependency.

Loco Home Retrofit CIC exists to support homeowners in Glasgow to make their homes more comfortable, efficient and resilient while getting rid of gas boilers. By providing the support you need, we can help you boycott the fossil fuel industry.

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Loco Home is a small, member-owned retrofit co-op based in the south side of Glasgow. We exist help homeowners, installers and other professionals work together to decarbonise homes in Glasgow in line with the principles of Whole House Planning. Our non-profit structure means we can focus on delivering affordable, best-practice retrofit services for the people of Glasgow.

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