Regulation is coming to discourage homes from using fossil fuel heating. This week the Scottish Government has been in the media talking about the forthcoming ban on gas boilers for new build properties as well as an overhaul of the EPC energy rating system

Regulation will be brought in to drive over one million Scottish homes off gas boilers and onto heat pumps – meaning gas boilers will effectively be penalised from as soon as 2025.

The best you can do as a homeowner is to make a plan and be ready to avoid these penalties by the time they arrive.

Several Loco Home members have already made the switch away from gas by installing heat pumps. Co-founder Chris Carus recently had his gas connection removed, and other members are getting “heat pump ready” – making and enacting plans to get their homes ready for a heat pump.

Now is the smart time to start thinking about a heat pump for your home – no gas connection means no worries.

Penalties aren’t here yet. They won’t be for years – but don’t be caught off guard

If you are keen to switch to a heat pump, but don’t know where to start, book a home assessment.

A home assessment gives you a short, medium and long term strategy for your home, using the principles of whole house planning. This helps you manage the cost and the disruption of making improvements – and be more effective with your budget.

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